Thoughts On Connecting With Others, Widgets, and Plugins

Social Media:

My favorite blogs are mostly book-reviews blogs, I subscribe to the blogs and get notified once they are updated.

While I do love to share my blogs and posts, I don’t think social media is the best tool to use.

In general, it was a fun activity to do and I got to find more interesting content.



Some necessary widgets in my opinion are:

  1. Archives: This one helps your reader to have a clear timeline category, makes it easier for them to search for posts in the order of time published.
  2. Tags: Some readers may be interested to see more of a certain kind of blogs.
  3. Email Subscription: Keep your reader updated by sending them automated emails.



Out of all three plugins: Compfight, Easy Tables, and Visual Editor, I like Compfight the most because it’s the most practical. It does make adding images to my blogs faster and easier. Easy Tables doesn’t do much for me since I usually don’t use tables as a visual representation for my blogs.
I strongly suggest anyone who wants to put their sites on Google to install Simple SEO. It’s super easy to use once you read a couple guides online, and it makes life so much easier to let people find your website on Google.

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