Looking for Exit

Dear Reader,

As I typed out the title of this post, also the title of the book I finished a moment ago, I can’t help but wonder about the true meaning of “Looking for Alaska” (the book is beautiful! 5/5).

Throughout the book, “the labyrinth” maintained its position as the central theme of everything. As the Old Man asked, “How would you personally get out of this labyrinth of suffering?”

I’m here to give out my own answer.

Hamlets *1000

Many people argue in favor of the benefits of education (me included): School helps you make friends! Math helps your logic! Education teaches you about the world and yourself! Blah, blah, blah, the list goes on.

But I do still wonder about the true meaning of education. Yes, I do not hesitate for one second to say that education is necessary and it is, indeed, beneficial, both for the society and the individual.

However, other than these superficial reasons that most students will not truly comprehend, perhaps there is another, more personal link to the importance of education.

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