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YouTube is one of the most visited websites of our time. “Please subscribe” is a charm that we hear in most, if not all, videos that we watch.

More subscription = more views = more ads watched = more profit; this is the core of most YouTubers’ income and their way of earning a living. By now, you would think that YouTube is improving the subscription feed as a utility.

However, it has been pointed out that YouTube, in May 2018, decided that the subscription feed will now be ordered in the time that the YouTuber uploaded a new video.

It’s inestimable of the impact of this decision, millions of users are now forced to change the way that they are recommended with content that they choose to watch.

Hank did a really good job explaining the problem, one thing he said was:

“There is one place — one place where users are in charge and they need to be in charge.”

Unfortunately, we are not anymore.

Every day, our YouTube page is flooded with the automated recommendations that the YouTube thinks that we like and content¬†that we no longer are interested; we can’t see the actual videos that we subscribed to and choose to be notified once updated.

Is there a solution?

Absolutely yes: Unsubscribe the content that you don’t watch anymore, so your sub feed can be cleared up and actually gives you reminders with your favorite YouTubers. Yes, unsubscribing is much, much harder than subscribing, and it’s this psychological effect that produced the thwart of seeing our favorite content.

“Please unsubscribe.”

Thank you, Hank, for this great video as a reminder to clean up my subscription feed and for being the source of inspiration of this blog post.

Thank you for reading.

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